Mandate & Structure

Objective, Mission, Vision and Core Values

The objective of the council is to regulate the occupations of fresh produce, export and livestock agents and to maintain and enhance the status and dignity of those occupations and the integrity of persons practicing those occupations, according to section 9, Agricultural Produce Agents Act, 12 of 1992.

  • Fulfill our mandate under the Act

  • Protect against dishonest practices

  • Uphold our responsibility to maintain and enhance the occupations of fresh produce, export and livestock agents

  • Position of the Council to effectively contribute in the development and transformation of the agricultural sector


To be an innovative, supportive, proactive and responsive regulatory body

Core Values

We will act with objectivity, empathy, integrity, prudence and transparency.


We will be an ambitious, professional, passionate, supportive, reliable and dedicated workforce.


We will remain open to change and innovation.


We will be driven to deliver our objectives defined by the Act.

Organisational Structure
Export Agents Committee
Livestock Agents Committee
Operational Staff
Officers - Stock
Officer - Monitoring
Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Executive Committee
Ad-hoc Committee
Audit & Remenuration Committee
Fresh Produce Agents Committee
External Service providers
Sub Committees

Executive Committee

The executive committee meets quarterly to discuss APAC’s activities and strategic objectives.

Committee members:

  • Mr TD van Zyl (Chairperson)

  • Mrs TE Fredericks

  • Mr A Vos

  • Mr W Clack

  • Mr J Minnaar

  • Mr N van Staden

  • Mr S Manthata

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Audit and Remuneration Committee

The committee meets annually and consists of the following members:


  • Mr NA Mbokane (Chairperson)

  • Mr JCS Lourens

  • Mr A Vos

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Ad Hoc Committee

Disqualified applications, in terms of Section 16 of Act 12 of 1992, is reverted to the Committee for evaluation and consideration.


Committee members:

  • Mr JCS Lourens (Chairperson)

  • Mr W Clack

  • Mr A Vos

  • MR A Van Zyl

  • Senior Advocate (when required)

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Transformation committee

The committee meets during the year and consists of the following members:

  • Mr NL Masoka (Chairperson)

  • Mr J Oosthuizen 

  • Mr N Mbokane

  • Mr B Simons

  • Mr EJ Jefthas

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Sub-committees (Export, Livestock and Fresh Produce Agents)

The committee meets during the year and consists of the following members:

  • Export Agents – Mr N van Staden

  • Livestock Agents – Mr W Clack

  • Fresh Produce Agents – Mr A Vos

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Operational staff and functions

Mr Francois Knowles

Talk to me about ... any operational or strategic matters
Deputy Registrar
Talk to me about ...
  • Farmers complaints

  • Investigations

  • Marketing

  • Market support services

  • Special projects

  • Disciplinary hearings

  • Online learning

  • APAC website

Compliance Office - Monitoring
Talk to me about ...
  • Trust reconciliations

  • Agency annual and interim audit reports

  • Compliance audits

Administation Officer

Mrs Zodwa Cibane

Talk to me about ...
  • Agency and agent registrations

  • Finance

  • Procurement

  • Human Resource Management

  • General Office Management

Compliance Officer - Stock
Talk to me about ...
  • Stock audits

Ms Desi van Zyl